Busy, busy, busy

 No post last night and only a short one tonight because we've sold Mum's house and I've been busy, with the help of friends, clearing, emptying and cleaning so that it was ready to hand over.  This has really been an ongoing process since it went on the market eighteen months ago but there's always more left to do than you think isn't there?  More cupboards still to empty, more bags to fill for the charity shops and more bins to fill with stuff not fit for the charity shop.  Some of it I just looked at in wonder as I tried to decide why it had been kept in the first place but then I'm sure Jake will do exactly the same when it's his turn to sort through our belongings.  Anyway, tomorrow is the big day, the keys will be handed over and it will be one less thing on my list of things to worry about, in fact I can almost feel my shoulders lifting as I type this.  Not only that but the search will then be on for my red sports car so watch this space and keep your fingers crossed that I find what I'm looking for.

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