Confidence building helps

 Today was, by and large, a success which I'm sure you'll be pleased to know.  My day began with a walk in the Lincolnshire Wolds with friends.  Amazing views, good company and interesting conversation followed by coffee and further chat, what more could I want?  Came home to a relaxed Ash which lulled me into a false sense of security as, ten minutes later, stress was in the air because new batteries were needed for hearing aids and apparently Ash had spent the morning turning drawers upside down looking for them.  I thought I had a stash in a safe place ready for just such an eventuality but it seems he'd found the stash weeks ago and used every battery in there but of course hadn't thought to tell me when he inserted the last two.  All of this made him feel bad and that feeling was taken out on me but I phoned the shop, ordered some more and then we set out to collect them.  By the time we arrived the stress was forgotten and we were back on track so that was only an hour of the day spent unproductively which I can cope with.  Next it was on to meet up with two of Ash's friends from his work days.  They keep in touch and are really supportive so meeting them is always a pleasure.  This habit we're getting into of regular outings seems to be working really well and with each one Ash is getting more confident so, when the confidence was put to the test this afternoon, it was lovely to see him chatting enthusiastically and watching friends listen to the same stories three or four times before turning the conversation towards work events in the past all of which he remembered.  We finished the afternoon on a real high because they had a surprise gift for him.  For the past 25 years Ash has run a lottery syndicate but recently with increasing difficulty so has now given up the role.  This gift was from the Police Federation as a thank you for all his hard work and was in a beautiful engraved wooden box which now has pride of place on the table next to his chair in the sitting room.  What was really sweet was that for the past two hours the box has been moved again and again until it is now in exactly the right place for him to see anytime he wants to.  A lovely end to a lovely outing.

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