Keeping hold of yourself

 Some people think I'm too positive, too optimistic and and too quick to look on the bright side of life but I have to say that it's my way of coping.  This quote appeared on my facebook page today and it jumped out at me from the screen because I realised it's what I've tried so very hard to do.  It would be easy to give in to feelings, to feel sorry for myself and to struggle through this life that I didn't ask for but then there would be no fun and no joy so where would the benefits be?  I appreciate that there are ways in which letting go of my emotions would be healthy and I'm certainly better at it than I was but I really feel that to hang on to the real me I need to do as it says here and train my mind to be stronger than my feelings.  I'd so much rather people wanted to be around me because I was fun to be with rather than because they felt sorry for me and it's having friends around who make me smile, who make me feel good about myself, that gets me through this.  I didn't ask for the dementia which has curled it's tentacles around us but I'm determined not to let it take me over.  There's still a life out there and it's definitely worth living even if it's not the one I expected.

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Frank said…
I know about emotions too well. I've never lost a member of my family that bothered me as much as when I lost a special dog. My emotional ran wild. I still haven't gotten them under complete control and that was 4 years ago. I never knew sadness and depression like I experienced then. Now I losing another dog. I'm am working as keeping my emotions in check. It's not easy. But, that I must do.
Jane said…
To be honest Frank I think our pets are family members and we rarely get over their deaths easily. Well done for recognising the difficulties.