A further slip/slide

 A very odd thing happened this morning.  Ash came through to tell me he'd had an email regarding the final electricity bill for my mum's house and asked what I wanted him to do.  I told him to forward it to me and then waited for it to come through, and waited and waited.  I thought about commenting on the fact that I hadn't received it but decided to wait a little while longer and then, about an hour later, he came to say that his email wasn't working and he needed me to look at it.  When I looked he hadn't opened the messages (four of them) and obviously hadn't attempted to send them on to me but the really odd thing was that he seemed to have no idea that they were there and that he has done this very thing every month for the last year.  Yet another example of the dementia tightening it's grip and I wondered whether I should be sad for him but if I'm honest this latest slide seems to have brought with it a lessening of his frustrations and an acceptance of life as it is now so I have a hope that things will be a little easier for a while at least.

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