Life is currently all about treats

It's lunch time and I'm about to start 24 hours without my laptop which I know is a first world problem but it really is my link to the outside world and my evening defense against the quiz shows which Ash loves so much.  However the reason for this trauma is that, as well as the new car, the new phone and the new clothes, I've treated myself to a new laptop and, as I'm fairly useless when it comes to new technology, I'm leaving it to the store to transfer everything from one device to the other.  After this I'm going to scale down the treats but for now they make life just that little bit more fun so what's not to like?  Ash has also said he'll come with me to the bright lights of our nearest seaside town when I take the laptop so I can feel another coffee coming on.  Life still isn't quite what it was and it never will be but it's not bad either.  It's all about perspective.

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