Pork pies ........ again

 If you've been following the blog for a while you may remember the time I found a pork pie in the cupboard in the dining room followed, a few weeks later, by the pork pie at the back of the wine rack.  Then there was the third pork pie which I think I forgot to tell you about found by Jake, again at the back of the wine rack, so I've been keeping an eye on pork pie consumption for a few weeks now and thought I had it under control at least until this week.  Last night however I noticed two pork pies sitting side by side on the work top in the kitchen so quietly put one back in the freezer and the other in the fridge for lunches over the next few days.  Just got back from lunch with a friend to find yet another sitting on the work top, obviously straight out of the freezer, and no sign of the one put into the fridge by me last night.  This means of course that somewhere in the house there lurks a pork pie just waiting for mould to form before coming out with its hands up and waving a white flag.  I know Ash can't help it and I know this isn't the worst thing that could happen but I hate uncertainty and there's so much of it in this tale - where is the stray pork pie? how long before it comes to light? what state will it be in when I finally find it?  and, most intriguingly, what goes through his head when he's putting them away?  Watch this space to see if I find it.

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Karen said…
Can you hide the pork pies in other empty food boxes that he wouldn’t be interested in?
Jane said…
I buy 3 a week to keep Ash going, keep one in the fridge and put the others in the freezer then, as we go through the week, he finishes the one in the fridge and gets the next out of the freezer. He has the same thing for lunch every day and gets it himself so if it ever looks as though we're running out of any of the items he needs he panics hence the need to keep the pork pies in view at all times. These blips don't happen often, at least for now, so will just continue to check I think and keep an eye out for the one that's currently gone AWOL. Hopefully I'll get to it before the mice find it.