A lovely weekend but .....

We've had a lovely weekend with sunshine, chats, enthusiasm for life and all those things that are mostly missing from our life together nowadays.  Ash has been in a brilliant mood with some semblance of his old sense of humour at the fore which has made life, for a short while at least, fun and yesterday I even managed to get him to come on a walk with me.  We didn't go far but he was happy and that was enough BUT as always I was lulled into a false sense of security.  I forgot that these really good times are always followed by a further slide into dementia and last night was the beginning of it.  Three things really stand out.  

  1. Every afternoon for the last month Ash has lit the fire.  We have a cup of tea and watch one of his quiz shows together then I leave the room so that he can get it all sorted without any temptation on my part to interfere.  Yesterday when I mentioned the fire he was taken by surprise that he was expected to get some warmth into the room.  He did it but very much as a one-off favour to me.  
  2. Every single evening when we've eaten I take the plates into the kitchen, stack the dishwasher and then leave Ash to wash up everything that doesn't go in the machine, wipe the worktops and get the room back to clean and tidy(ish);  last night when we'd finished our meal he had no idea what happened next and asked me what I wanted him to do.  
  3. Every night after his bath Ash hangs his wet towel on the rail in front of the radiator, last night he pushed it deep down into the wash basket without being aware one little bit that this wasn't part of his nightly routine.
Last time I wrote about this someone emailed me to say she dreads the good periods now because she knows what's coming.  I'm not sure whether that's the way to go or whether I should just relish those good times and then take what follows on the chin.

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Emjayar said…
I've experienced a new one this past week. My husband went to the toilet while we were watching a film together and went straight to bed after flushing, completely forgetting that I was sat in the lounge with the film paused waiting for him to return. This happened not just once, but twice. It actually upset us both.
Jane said…
I think sometimes it hits harder because we just get used to a phase and settle into it and then they slide that little bit further and we have to get used to a whole new way of doing things. Every time it happens I'm taken by surprise and am sad that I've lost yet another part of him.