Determination beats the blues

 I had a bit of a down day yesterday: we're in tier 3 and who knows for how long; I couldn't get my head around the new rules; a friend, for reasons way beyond her control, had to cancel our walk; my upcoming weekend away is now off and on and on.  It seemed that every way I looked there wasn't a ray of sunshine in sight and I prepared to be miserable, not only that but I prepared to be miserable for days to come because what was there to look forward to?  However you really can't keep this girl down for long.  The friend couldn't come with me but that was no reason for me to stay at home so I put my boots on and went on a voyage of discovery, walking an area I've only recently been introduced to and finding in the process some beautiful parts of the countryside I'd been totally unaware of before.  I came home in a much better mood and decided not to wait to order the treadmill.  In case you missed it this is a Christmas present to me from me and I was going to get it closer to the big day and use it for the first time on Christmas morning.  My change of plan means getting it in a couple of weeks then searching through those videos I've found for an extra special one just for that day.  Currently I'm torn between hiking part of the Appalachian Trail or tramping through Cinque Terre villages in Italy but there are others.  Watch this space to see what I choose.  It was now mid afternoon and I was feeling much better already and then to finish off the fun was a video chat with a friend where I have no idea what subjects we covered but I do remember that we seem to laugh an awful lot.  So there you have it, yet again choices needed to be made and action had to be taken if I was going to lift my mood and no-one was going to do it for me (although the video call with said friend was a perfect part of the solution).

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Carol said…
There is a message on the F/B site - Dementia & Alzheimer UK Carers group, requesting people to write to their MP expressing the particular challenges faced by those with dementia and their Carers. by imposing these restrictions with no end date. How support will not be available and the things that help us cope have been removed from us. Is the ‘Cure’ worse than the disease? For many Carers it is. I appreciate how you manage to keep positive Jane, but many Carers are living a life of desperation.
Jane said…
I think it's important to realise that I'm not always positive Carol and I do write about those times too. I have bad days, I have times when I hide away and cry but I hate the way it makes me feel. I also have a need to make the most of my life and finding ways out of the bad times is my way of coping. We all deal with difficult times differently, we all have good days and bad days. Equally you say that I manage to keep positive but someone said only today that he'd found my last three posts to be very sad so it seems that everyone sees something different in my blog.