A day for smiles

 I thought you might like to know that, even with the current mess that is Christmas, I'm approaching the big day with a lightness of heart and a smile on my face.  There are several reasons for this but one is that the new Christmas decorations have been a huge hit with Ash.  They're very minimalist and so different to the usual ones that there's no comparison but that I think is the point.  They don't have him struggling to remember Christmases gone by, the pressure to act as he always has is gone and there's none of the usual hassle that comes with installing the tree, coaxing the lights to work and trying to remember where we put everything at the end of 2019.  So that's one reason but this afternoon two other things happened which have made me bounce around like Tigger on some legal high.  The first of these was driving up the new Lincoln bypass for the very first time.  I'm sure it wasn't open last week when I drove past the end of it but this afternoon there it was stretching out before me and inviting me into countryside I'd never driven through before and then, when I'd done that and got back onto my normal route home, I stopped and bought myself a mini chainsaw realising, in the process, that I've become Gadget Woman.  You can have further details of my new toy when it arrives in the New Year and there will be photos of course but I'm already planning what to do with it when I get it home.

Oh, and when I got home it was to a delivery of flowers from friends who'd chosen just the right colours to go with the new decorations and all without seeing them.  How wonderful was that!!

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