A day of smiles

 Today has been quite full but without being full-on which is always a bit of a relief.  I layered up this morning to get out at 7am and decided that walking in the cold and dark is a lovely way to wake up and clear my head but does involve a certain amount of concentration to make sure I don't fall over.  I walked very carefully but then decided that if I did slip I had so many layers on I'd probably bounce straight back up again so relaxed a little.  Got home with limbs intact, had breakfast and a shower then out to have my eyelashes tinted.  This is part of my determination to do things which make me smile and it's certainly done that.  It's pure vanity of course but having eyelashes I can see for the first time in years makes me feel good and brings me joy which, if you remember, is my new mantra.  Came out of the salon and across the road to buy Christmas cards and cheese scones to take home only to find, when I got to the till, that I'd forgotten my purse (eye lash tint was pre-paid in case you were wondering).  I said I'd get them later but was told to take them and then go back and pay when I had time which gave me a warm glow, adding to the feeling of wellbeing still there from the eyelash experience.  So then it was home for lunch before pulling the treadmill in front of the tv and hiking for 50 minutes through Zion National Park in Utah https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_9Z1jATW84&t=1s while listening to an interview with Dame Emma Thompson.  Don't think I've ever known a 50 minute walk go so quickly.  Then a coffee while watching the tv for an hour with Ash and that's my day almost done.  Actually that's not quite true because I've just been out and chopped some (small) tree branches with the cordless saw I bought Ash for his birthday back in April and have decided it's one of the most fun birthday presents I've ever not bought for myself.  So a day which was good for my soul and it's not every day I can say that which makes this one something to celebrate.  

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