Back on track

 The last week, as many of you living alongside dementia will acknowledge I'm sure, has been difficult but yesterday I could feel myself rising out of the dark and was hopeful for the future.  Today I woke with a smile on my face and knew I'd beaten those demons all over again.  I'm ok with the downs of this life now as I know they won't last and I think I actually like the challenge with the dark days certainly making me appreciate the brighter ones.  So I woke with that smile and a renewed energy which got me through grocery shopping and then into the afternoon where we went out together to sort logs for the fire.  The sun was shining as I handed Ash branches to reduce in size and then, when we'd finished that, he went back inside while I stayed to chop sticks and saw smaller bits of wood.  We now have enough wood to last us a couple of weeks and then my very own chainsaw will be here.  Can you tell I'm excited?

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Carol S. said…
Hi Jane. Only discovered your blog a few days ago and now have had time to look through a lot of your previous posts. Perfect timing before the New Year. Totally inspirational. I usually make a lot of resolutions- hoping one or two will stick. Have just added to my list only buying things that give me joy - no matter how small. - and I’m going to brighten up my wardrobe - even before I shrink my waist. ( that one has been on the list as long as I can remember.) Will read more of your posts tomorrow and who knows what else will appear on my list. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and helping me move into 2021 a lot more prepared and positive than I would otherwise.
Jane said…
Hi Carol, thanks for this and welcome to my roller coaster world of dementia. Am so pleased that my ramblings are helping and if you have ideas of your own then please feel free to share. we're all in this together and the more of us there are the easier it will be.