Best not dwell on the difficulties

 The last couple of days have been a little fraught due in part to an excess of confusion on Ash's part and (not entirely unconnected) a lack of sleep on my part but think we're over the worst for the moment and I have no wish to dwell on the dismal events so will tell you instead that today we worked together to get all the Christmas cards written and ready for posting tomorrow.  I wrote the cards, Ash stuck the labels on the envelopes and I think we managed to get all the cards into the corresponding envelopes without too much hassle.  Things didn't go quite as smoothly as I would have liked at the beginning but with a few adjustments we got into a rhythm and they're now in a pile ready to be despatched.  Ash has also suggested that we deliver the village ones together tomorrow afternoon.  It might not happen but at least the thought was there however briefly.

In other news I wrote another piece for the Dementia Uk news letter and website looking back over our experiences in 2020.  If you want to see it then click on the link 

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