Fresh air and exercise work their magic.

 The treadmill has been put to use!!  Yesterday afternoon I walked alongside Bondi Beach listening to some of my favourite music tracks and decided there are worse ways to spend just over half an hour when the rain is hammering on the windows and the wind is blowing everything around the garden.  I do realise that thirty five minutes isn't the longest walk in the world but by the time I was set up with my trainers on, my video chosen and my music turned up that was all the time I had and it was a trial which I think I can safely say worked just as well as I hoped it would.  Today saw a walk in the real world with friends where the views across the Lincolnshire Wolds were, in my opinion, even better than those across Bondi Beach but I do admit to being biased and if you ever find yourself this way then you'll have to judge for yourself.  Interestingly I've turned coward the last three mornings and skipped my early morning walks, choosing instead to stay in the warm but this morning, when I finally got out in the open countryside, I realised how much better I felt both physically and mentally so think I'll be back to my normal routine tomorrow.  The odd thing is that this really isn't me or at least it isn't the me I used to be.  In the past the only time I've gone on walks in the countryside was either because Ash wanted to and it was a way of spending time with him or we were on holiday and it was an activity the three of us could do that didn't cost anything but I've discovered over the past few days that getting out in the fresh air makes all the difference to the way I feel and the way I act.  Having said that I still had great fun on the treadmill and am looking forward to my next hike which is an hour in the Banff National Park while, once again, listening to my favourite music.

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