Further adventures with a treadmill

The treadmill, as you know, arrived in it's huge box two days ago and at this point you may be wondering how far I've walked on it and how many places I've visited so now is the time to tell you it took me until lunch time today before I got it going.  This was no fault of the machine or the manufacturer but absolutely down to my inability to acknowledge the need to read instructions before I start anything!  Everything I'd read on numerous websites told me that even the 7 year old could attach the hand rail to the sides of the treadmill and that was all that was needed except the 7 year old wasn't here and it was all down to me.  It took me two days to acknowledge that the diagrams in the instruction leaflet would be useful and then another hour to realise that I needed a third pair of hands.  With heavy heart I went to find Ash, asking him for help and knowing that he would insist on doing it himself which, if he couldn't figure it out, could lead to a meltdown of epic proportions.  However, as I often do, I underestimated him.  He didn't do it as quickly or as easily as he would have done in the past but his attempts were certainly better than anything I'd managed so far and it's now up, running and just waiting for me to put those trainers on and get started.  Now I just need to get the instruction booklet out for the DVD player so that everything's ready for my first hike wherever that may be.

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