Getting the best out of life

 You'll have noticed I'm sure that my default position in life is to make the best of what I've got rather than dwell on what's disappearing at an ever increasing speed but up to now this has mostly been about the big stuff.  The walks with friends make me laugh and keep me sane, the video calls keep me connected with friends on the other side of the world, my early morning wanders give me an hour (mostly in the dark at the moment) to get my thoughts straight and so on.  Then there's the really big stuff: buying the bright red sports car and arranging to pick it up on my birthday in order to lift the day out of the mundane; treating myself to a treadmill so that I can walk around the world with a special hike planned for Christmas day so that I can avoid the dark thoughts that come with memories of Christmas days gone by.  All of these help me get through this new life with much greater ease than I would have thought possible but now I've been pointed in yet another direction.  A few days ago Lorraine emailed to congratulate me on the arrival of the treadmill and it seems she uses the same techniques as me but has taken it all one step further.  While I've been focusing on making the big stuff special Lorraine has just bought a kettle and, not only that, she was determined to find one that brought her joy so spent hours on the internet searching for just the right one.  I was so struck by the thought that even the everyday can bring a smile to my face that I have spent the last couple of days searching for just the right diary for 2021 and just the right cover to replace the old and battered one currently on my Kindle Fire.  This life we're living at the moment isn't easy for any of us regardless of whether or not we have dementia in our lives but, with determination and an ability to think outside the box, I think we can improve our lot even if we start with very small steps.  Watch this space to see if the diary and the Kindle cover are as smile inducing as I hope.

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