Pre-Christmas excitement is in the house

 Just sat down at my laptop to tell you about my trip to the dentist when there was a knock at the door.  Ash came through asking if I was expecting a delivery and of course I was because what else is there to do during lockdown other than order 'stuff' but what could it be?  I cast my mind back and realised it had to be either the new oil cloth for the kitchen table which Ash himself had chosen (I'm not sure about the design but he was insistent so am reserving judgement until I see it for real) or the wood straw I use for making my firelighters.  The delivery man was ages in the back of the van but we watched patiently through the front door (because, again, what else is there to do during lockdown) as he pulled a very large and obviously very heavy box out but it definitely couldn't be that unless that very high profile online company have got even more enthusiastic about excess packaging,  Finally, after it seemed the driver might just have lost our much smaller package, he shut the door on the van and hoisted the very large and very heavy parcel towards the door.  It was my treadmill!!!!!!.  This was completely out of the blue because I'd been told that delivery wouldn't be until the middle of next week and I only ordered it last Friday so this was service indeed.  Anyway Ash helped me to drag it in and it's currently on the floor of 'my' room waiting to be unpacked.  I have to tell you now that I chose this one because it was the thinnest and lightest I could find but, having moved it through the house, I've realised that it's just a little heavier and little bigger than I expected.  Now all I have to do is get it out of the box, lift the handle up, plug it in and get going.  I'm very excited and promise a photo very soon so that you can join in with that excitement.

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