A basket full of logs

So the next instalment of the chainsaw saga is here and I'm pleased to be able to tell you that I had a go and it worked!  I did think it might be another day of barriers just because of the rain hammering against the window first thing and into the rest of the morning but eventually it stopped and I was out there.  Once again I layered all the safety clothing on until I looked like an overweight tangerine, picked up the chainsaw, stopped Ash taking a photo of me and then made my way outside to pull large branches from the pile.  I found several that looked a good size to start on, jammed them into the saw horse and set to discovering in the process that it really was as much fun as I hoped it would be.  I'm sure most of you know more interesting ways to enjoy yourselves but when dementia's in your life your options are limited and, I have to say, I had more fun with that chainsaw than I've had with almost anything in a very, very long time with the added bonus that, at the end of it, the basket was full of enough logs to keep us going for at least the next two nights if not more.  Another bonus was that when I got a bit stuck on one particularly large chunk of wood Ash stepped in to show me what I was doing wrong which made him feel good and will help me in the future.  Can't wait to get out there again and my only concern is that we  might work our way through the wood we have too quickly however, out for a walk with a friend this afternoon, all I saw everywhere was wood that would be good for sawing up so we might be ok.

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Sam T. said…
Well done Jane! If you need logs...just steal Aarons, he's got enough to heat the village for several years! Haha
Jane said…
Thanks Sam. I frequently look at Aaron's log pile with envy in my eyes.