A disturbed night

 Yesterday, you may have noticed, there was no blog post and that was because I spent the whole day feeling as though I'd been hit over the head with a cricket bat because Ash woke me up at 4am thinking it was time to get up and that we'd overslept.  Even now I don't feel quite recovered so if this post doesn't make a whole lof of sense you'll have to forgive me.  At the time I calmed him down, made a cup of tea and then waited for him to fall back to sleep which he did quite quickly once I'd persuaded him that the only thing to do was stay where we were for a while.  Unfortunately snoring came very quickly on the heels of his sleep but by that time I was warm and cosy in the big bed on the comfortable mattress and was very loathe to move so it took a while of battling with my brain before I realised that, if I was to get any sleep at all, I was going to have to rouse myself and make my way to 'my' bedroom.  I finally got back to sleep around 5.30am only to be woken by the alarm at 6.20.  Now I know that at this point at least some of you will be scratching your heads and wondering why I hadn't switched it off earlier and I have to say that, at the time, I wondered that myself but I also knew that by switching it off I could have found myself in even more difficulties just because our routine would have been out.  It's one of the dilemmas I face every day when I try to work out what would cause more confusion for Ash, doing 'this' or 'that' and I rarely get it right.  What I do get however is a feeling of being in control of at least some part of this life and that helps me even if it doesn't necessarily make any difference to him.  In the end, following our normal morning routine, I got up, made a cup of tea and took it up to bed along with his tablets only to to find that he was so exhausted by the night time adventures that he was still asleep.  I tried waking him (just to keep us on track) and couldn't so I left him and went back downstairs only to find that when he did finally wake up half an hour later just as I suspected he was confused and anxious because he thought he was late!!!  The one really interesting thing though was that, unlike me, he wasn't in the least exhausted through the day and I wonder whether that was because he didn't spend his time working out how much sleep he'd lost.

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Anonymous said…
Oh you really hit a chord tonight. My husband wakes between 2 and 5 times each night usually he goes to the loo and then goes back to sleep but a couple of time each week he will wake at some unearthly hour and be convinced that it’s time to get up or he has to get up and do something. When this happens it takes awhile for him to settle but he goes back to sleep. I often don’t and I well know the I haven’t had enough sleep feeling. The answer is to accept you are short on sleep have a boost of caffeine if you need to do anything important otherwise give your self a break and have a lazy day, get take out for dinner etc. Tomorrow is another day. Oh and if happens too often your body takes over and you will sleep through everything until your body is ready for you to wake up
Jane said…
Excellent advice, thank you. I sort of did give myself a day off after the disturbed night but I felt slightly guilty about it. Now I really will give myself permission to spend the next day until a throw and reading whatever book I've got on the go.