Logging fails to commence

 I really, really thought I was going to be using this post to tell you how successful the chainsaw had been and that we now had piles and piles of logs to burn but it wasn't to be.  As you  know I'd collected the chain saw on Friday along with the safety helmet, visor and ear defenders, the trousers had arrived on Saturday and I was all set for my first attempt yesterday but a video call with my best friend in Australia took up the morning, a birthday walk with another friend in the village took up the afternoon and then it was dusk and even I wasn't going to attempt using a chainsaw when I couldn't see properly so the scene was reset to this afternoon.  I put on the trousers, donned the helmet and picked up the chainsaw, making my way out to the shed to collect the battery which I'd last used on the lawn mower at the end of the summer and for some reason forgetting to check beforehand whether it had held its charge or not.  I'm sure you know exactly what I'm going to tell you now and you'd be perfectly correct, that battery was completely and utterly lifeless and useless so, as Ash pointed out, I had all the gear but no idea!!!  As I came back inside to take off the helmet/ear defenders/visor/safety trousers I was a little deflated to say the least but, having rid myself of all the cumbersome gear, I then spent a happy half hour using an axe to split sticks and the small electric saw to create small logs for tonight.  And tomorrow is another day with lessons learned and a battery on charge.  Watch this space for the next episode of 'Keeping the Home Fire Burning'.

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