Pork pie update

Things have been fairly quiet on the pork pie front recently with only one discovery in the cupboard a few weeks ago.  That was until this week when it seemed Ash's consumption of them had gone up three fold. He used to eat two a week but suddenly six had disappeared in six days and I was completely baffled when he reported that we were a pork pie free zone.  I sent him out to the freezer for another look and then took myself into the dining room, opened the cupboard and there, sitting quietly among the DVDs, board games and all the other detritus, was not one but TWO pork pies.  I gathered them up, handed them over and then today went into the butchers and ordered seven which I'm hoping will see us through the week.  Watch this space to see how we fare.

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Tehachap said…
Ash obviously sees that cupboard as the place where the pork pies belong. I have to wonder how he associates food with that area. Nevermind... LOL I realize now that to wonder is a waste of mental energy. Better that you check that cupboard on a regular basis!!! You have to laugh at some of the things our loved ones do in their befuddled state. Hugs and blessings to you.
Jane said…
You're so right that it's a waste of mental energy to wonder and I've given up on that but I do wish I could remember to check the cupboard every day. To be honest the pork pies in the cupboard do freak me out a little which might be the reason for my mental block in that area. At least he's stopped stuffing them at the back of the wine rack!