and life moves on

Didn't sleep well last night and for an odd reason.  As you know I've spent the past few weeks waiting until Ash fell asleep and then moving beds just to get away from his snoring.  I've created my own bedroom space and am gradually turning it into a luxurious sanctuary but it still hasn't felt permanent.  Last night when I went to get into bed Ash suggested I sleep in the spare room.  His reason was that his shoulder hurt and he was worried that he wouldn't sleep well and would keep me awake.  That's a perfectly reasonable explanation and something we've often done over the years but it seemed odd.  Until now I've happily moved beds but, especially recently,  I've been in control of when; this was different and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it.  Actually I think I have an inkling of how I feel about it because I really didn't sleep well.  It might have been a one-off but I think it's more likely to be the shape of things to come, one step further away from how we used to be and another lessening of the ties that bind us.  However it's always a good idea to look on the bright side of life and starting off in my own bedroom did mean I could read my book for as long as I wanted, something which I took full advantage of.  Not only that but the new bedding is arriving in two days time and the new mattress in just over a week.  Once those are in place and I've got my head around this new development I'll be back on track again.  You can't keep a good woman down for long I'm discovering.

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Carol S said…
I think that almost always it isn’t the things that happen to us that upset us, it’s our thoughts about the things that happen to us. We have to be our own spin doctors and whatever happens we need to look for the positives - as you have said you got to read your book and I’m sure in the future you will get a better nights sleep too if this becomes the norm. Although we are much earlier into dementia than you are , my partner a few weeks ago kept deciding he would move into the spare room as he couldn’t settle. In the end I suggested he keep the main bedroom ( it is en suite so I reckon in the long term it will be better for him) and I have set up my own bedroom. Both of us are now sleeping a lot better without the concerns of disturbing the other and I no longer feel that I need to go to bed as early as he does. Perhaps because both of us have lived alone for extended periods of our adult life and he has spent much of his time in hotel bedrooms working away, that this seems quite normal for him. I have moved all my clutter out of the bedroom and I think he appreciates a space he can call his own and keep everything exactly where he wants it. Our lives are changing all the time and we just have to accept and work around it I guess. I think I’m going to take a tip out of your book Jane and treat myself to a new bed and bedding too cos, like you, I’ve definitely got the worse deal at the moment 🤗
Jane said…
My new bedding has arrived and is just about to be the subject of today's post so your comment has come just in time Carol. Am so please I did it and can't wait for tonight. Also hadn't thought of the bonus of going to bed later so will look to add that to the pros of this new life.