Extreme gardening

Not really extreme gardening but I've had another good day.  Slight miscalculation on my part in that there weren't enough fun things on my list today so of course I ignored it and then ended up doing interesting but hidden stuff which means I've been busy clearing the wood I found last week behind the hedge only, because it was hidden, all my hard work hasn't made any obvious impact.  I did manage to fill that large hole I'd left in the wood yard though and will have plenty to go at with my chainsaw over the next few weeks so am feeling very pleased with myself.  Unfortunately my list is still intact without a black line to be seen.

Still in gardening vein I have a slight problem with Ash and his hedge cutting.  He thinks he can do it but then showed yesterday that he really can't so I rang the place I bought the chainsaw from and talked to them about a cordless hedge trimmer which I would not only be able to lift off the ground but also hold aloft while I get creative with our one and only hedge.  Thought I'd worked out which one I wanted but then talked to our lovely neighbours who know about these things and now think I might have to go and actually wield them round the shop and decided on length and weight.  This, as I'm sure you may have guessed by now, is not a problem and, in fact, is almost as exciting as buying the chainsaw but Ash is still talking about something that he needs for his (heavy) petrol machine.  It's something to do with the fuel and is very, very inexpensive so I've ordered it while, at the same time, thinking up a plan to take over yet another of his jobs without making him feel useless and unwanted.

Watch this space to see how successful I am.

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