Learning to spoil myself

I've got into the swing of my new sleeping arrangements now and it all seems to be working well.  Several people have asked me what Ash thinks but he doesn't think anything about it because I'm careful to make sure it doesn't make any difference to him.  Once, when we were first married, we had a blazing row at bed time and I stormed off and got into the spare bed at which point Ash walked in, picked me up and carried me back to our room saying as he did so 'what on earth do you think you're doing?'.  I didn't bother after that.  Then we got the huge super kingsize bed and he used to joke that I needed to take a taxi over to his side for a cuddle.  Now he doesn't really notice whether I'm there or not but I still start off the night next to him and give him a kiss goodnight.  Once he's fallen asleep I get up, move rooms and stay there until morning when I go downstairs, make a cup of tea and am back with him before he's woken up.  So all's good but what I hadn't taken into consideration was that we didn't put as much thought into the comfort of a mattress for the 7 year old as we did into ours and that has made things just slightly difficult.  At night I leave our wonderful firm mattress for the joys of one which has the feel of being on a ship going up and down on the waves and then when I move back in a morning I realise what I've missed.  What I don't miss however is lying awake listening to Ash's snoring and he's no longer black and blue where I've attempted to get him to turn over so I decided that it was worth a little discomfort.  That was until, however, I had yet another light bulb moment and now have on order a brand new mattress for the single bed along with a new pillow and the most luxurious bedding I've ever bought.  I put hours of research into it all and am now looking forward to the moment I can lie in luxury in my own bed and fall asleep on the crispest of cotton sheets.  Will it all make me smile?  Do you know, I think it will.

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