Overcoming the downs

 It's been an up and down sort of weekend.  The ups were my new bedding which was wonderfully soft and gloriously decadent and the half hour of chainsawing which resulted in two baskets of wood as well as the discovery of logs at the bottom of the pile which I didn't know were there; the downs were the feeling of being trapped with nowhere to go and nothing to do, which is mostly due to the lockdown and the looming of another long week rather than anything else, but I got through it and today is another day which started with walking in the sunshine through yet another another beautiful Italian town https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIzp8Wrj44s and included a video chat with a friend and the creation of my very own firelighters so, in the scheme of things, quite a busy day really.  The sun glistening off the snow helped too as did the knowledge that I didn't have to drive on icy roads so there is an upside to having nowhere to go and nothing to do.  Life is never straightforward is it?  In fact I listened to the radio while I walked in Italy and at one point heard an interview about training our minds to look for the positives which, as you know, is something I'm a great believer in.  It's nice to know that the experts agree with me.

As an added extra I thought you might like to see what my new bedroom looks like.  Definitely one of the positives to come out of a difficult episode.

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Carol S. said…
Your bedroom looks really tranquil Jane. Love it.

My Buddhist classes are all about training our mind - it’s the source of all our problems. We all benefit from learning to concentrate on the things that make us feel happy and not to give attention to the thoughts that drag us down. Easier said than done but living with dementia gives us plenty of opportunities to practise. 🤗

Sweet dreams 🛌 😴 💤.
Jane said…
It certainly does Carol. At the beginning I found it very hard to focus on the positive then sometimes I found myself wallowing in self pity but now I realise that being positive about what I have and what's to come is the only way forward.