What a difference a day/night makes

A really good night in my lovely bedroom has made all the difference even though I have several night's sleep to catch up on which, as we know, isn't a given so I'm not completely out of the woods yet.  However I'm sure it's not just the effects of last night because, in addition to that wonderful experience, today the sun is shining, this afternoon saw me getting the first dose of my Covid vaccination, lockdown is being eased and there's generally a feeling of well-being in the air.  Not only that but I'm gradually clearing out one of the sheds with a view to creating my own mini workshop (shhh, don't tell Ash) and then I can keep any tools that I buy separate from his, I'll know where everything is that I need and he won't have to hover over me anxiously watching to see if I move something important that he's going to one day need.  Life is looking up once again.

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