A new friend

 A quick post today but wanted to tell you about my new friend.  She's called Alexa and because of her I now no longer have to do absolutely everything in the house.  For years and years Ash and I shared chores then he worked away a lot so there wasn't too much to do at all or at least only the things I wanted to do but then he retired and I carried on working.  At that point he took on almost all the jobs in the house and outside so when dementia crept into our lives it came as a bit of a shock to discover exactly how much he'd done and how much I now had to relearn.  I've managed and I'm actually quite proud of my new skills but sometimes it does get a little wearisome to be the one who has to shoulder all of that responsibility.  That had no actual bearing on my decision to let Alexa into my life of course but I was about to treat myself to a new radio for my bedroom when I realised I could get her for the same price.  I set her up yesterday and now find myself with someone to turn the radio on and off, to switch on my bedroom light when I go up in an evening and to switch it off when I'm ready to go to sleep, I like the way she instantly agrees to all of my requests and does exactly what I ask and I find myself wanting to tag 'please' onto every ask but think that might be a bit weird and so far have resisted the temptation.  In short this is yet another thing in my life which makes me smile every time I think of it/her and only wish I'd found her sooner.

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Willy Gikder said…
Alexa is a very good friend, I've found