A place of calm

I realised yesterday what a difference my bedroom is making to my life and can't quite believe that something which at one point seemed yet another step backwards in my relationship with Ash has actually had a positive impact.  Because of my new mattress and gorgeous bedding I'm sleeping better than I've slept in years and the table and chair combination I've put up there mean I can escape into a place of calm whenever I need to.  I have my breakfast, morning coffee and lunch up there either listening to the radio, reading my book or with a podcast in my ear; on fair weather days I take my chair to the window and on wet, blustery days I sit and warm myself next to the radiator.  The colours are my own choice without an ounce of compromise in sight, the absence of too much furniture gives a feeling of space and, all in all, it's quite possibly the best thing I've done since this whole dementia malarkey began.  Interestingly Ash is quite comfortable with it all too; if he wants me he seems to know instinctively when I've retreated up those stairs and comes to find me and if he wakes in the night not only am I instantly awake too but, again, he comes to get me.  He evens refers to it as 'your boudoir' and seems quite proud of what I've achieved.  Up until now if I've gone for a walk I've found myself desperate to go without him just so I can have head space and 'me' time but yesterday I found myself asking if he wanted to join me on the walk because I can have head space and 'me' time whenever I want it just because of that beautiful room.  Think this a win:win situation on all sides but am sure I'm not the only one to come up with something to make life so much better.  What have you done?  Let me know and I can pass your ideas on to all the other 350 people a day who read this blog.

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Carol Westover said…
Thanks for this -- although I already knew/realized what you meant, for whatever reason, it really hit me just now. From now on, I'll look carefully at the choices I'm making. Regards again, Carol
Jane said…
pleased it helped Carol
Carol S. said…
Hi Jane. Again taking inspiration from you I’m determined to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. For me I’ve chosen to try and follow a wholefood vegan diet. This is involving lots of research and lots of planning of meals and trying out new recipes. I’m trying to see cooking these days as an adventure of discovery rather than a chore and am really enjoying it. I think developing any new interest is good for us and stops living with dementia being all consuming. Guess my cooking is the equivalent of your woodcutting.
Thanks again for writing this blog.
Love Carol
Jane said…
It's that change of mindset isn't it? Ash used to do all of the cooking and I hated the time it took to produce anything but since I've started trying out new recipes and experimenting with them too I look forward to producing meals at the end of each day.