Another day .....

 .........another walk with Ash and Max the 12 year old cocker spaniel who I'm nurturing more than any other dog we've ever had because if he goes all meaning will have gone from Ash's life.  Two weeks ago I decided to go for a walk and Ash thought he'd join me but, if you remember, the outing wasn't a total success just because I was fooled by the feeling of normality that appeared, briefly, to exist.  Today I suggested another walk and once again Ash said he'd come too but this time I remembered what happened before and, rather than chattering on and filling his head with noise, I kept quiet and lost myself in my own thoughts.  The result of my silence was that Ash suddenly started commenting on something that was happening in a nearby field and we even had the semblance of a conversation.  Obviously it wasn't a conversation in the true sense of the world but there was an exchange of comments and in this dementia affected life I take what I can get.  So a lovely walk in beautiful sunshine and I discovered that if I can only watch, learn and put the learning into practice all is not lost.

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