Colour changing in more ways than one

 I've had an interesting couple of days and they've left me feeling physically just a bit battered but mentally I'm on a high so it's not all bad.  Two days ago I caught my right arm on the catch to the door at the top of the stairs; yesterday I was running upstairs, caught my foot on one of the treads and fell onto a step landing, of course, on the arm I'd caught the day before; this morning I decided to do the 'Queen' fitness workout, wondering as I began why it was only 12 minutes long but then realising very quickly that there's a reason those workouts are different lengths.  Finally, following the fitness video, I went with a friend for a walk which took us through the Lincolnshire Wolds until we'd covered 7.4km.  The whole thing took us two and a half hours which might not seem very long to some of you but, even with my walks on the treadmill, I discovered I'm out of practice for real walks.  So as I type this I'm noticing parts of my body which seem to have been dormant for quite a while and I'm slightly black, blue, purple and yellow in places.  On the other hand I began my day by changing the settings on my light bulb before asking Alexa to start playing 'I will Survive' by Gloria Gaynor and then asking her to turn on the light resulting in the bulb changing colour in time to the music.  In effect I had my own disco playing while I drank my coffee and that has to be one of the coolest things in the world.  It certainly kept me smiling for a very large portion of the day.

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Carol Westover said…
I need to learn more about Alexa and how she can control things around the house. My niece has one so she can certainly fix us up! Thanks for being here. Take care and stay safe!
Jane said…
I need to learn more too as I think she can make life even more fun if I just do a bit of investigating.