Yet another life enhancer

Another addition to my bedroom arrived today and yet something else to make life just that little bit more fun.  When I put the first photos of the refurbished room out for all to see someone suggested a bedside lamp for reading by.  Unfortunately we live in a very old cottage and one with a distinct lack of electrical sockets.  In 'our' room we used to have a remote control dimmer switch which meant we never had to decide who was going to get out of bed to switch the light off and I'd decided to get someone in to put the same thing in my new room.  This was an additional expense I didn't want though so decided to think about it and then a friend told me about smart bulbs which you can activate from your phone with a free app.  Mine arrived today which was exciting in itself but then, even better, I managed to set it up myself and I now have a light that changes colour if I want it too, can be brightened or dimmed as required and will even change colour in time to music when I've worked how to do it.  I'll keep you posted but think I've just bought something else to put a smile on my face.

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Dr2n said…
Love it!

Hey--do you think that part of your amazingly up attitude is that you write this blog?
So glad you do.
Jane said…
I think the blog plays a huge part in it. we went to Orlando at the beginning of 2019 and I was determined to focus on 'us' and not write the blog. This was a lovely idea but I found myself focusing on the difficulties and forgetting the positives. I lasted a week and then opened up the laptop and started writing about the good things which were happening and suddenly life seemed so much better.
Tehachap said…
I agree. I will go along and suddenly the urge to write hits and off I go. I love that new light control thing--what's the brand name?? Very cool!
Jane said… It says you need Alexa but you don't, I just used my phone.