Sleep makes all the difference

Have now had two nights sleep and it really is amazing what a difference it makes.  After five days of walking around in a fog I've rediscovered my sense of humour, I've managed to put that smile back in my voice when I speak to Ash and it seems we're back on track.  

So my brain's functioning again but there's still more to celebrate.  Yesterday I told you about the two item job list which Ash relished the reading of but that was all, well today he looked at it again, got the step ladder out and cleared the gutter at the front of the house.  He was so pleased with himself when he'd finished that he couldn't stop grinning and, to be honest, neither could I because I have a fear of heights and was dreading having to do just that job. 

And on top of all that my bedroom is working its magic so well that I've managed to relax enough to start reading again.  I have to say here that I never actually stopped reading but it became a bedtime thing when my eyes were so tired I had to use an e-reader so that I could make the font bigger and I never properly relaxed enough to lose myself in a novel.  So for years I've mostly read non fiction without the feel or smell of a book anywhere near me.  Now I have my lovely bright bedroom with it's comfy chair and beautiful view out of the window, where I drink my coffee and eat my lunch and I've tried, at those times, reading a proper book again.  I started with an old, battered and very familiar story which I've read so many times I barely had to look at the pages but this week I found on the shelves a novel I haven't read before.  I've no idea how it got there, or when, but I opened it and immediately rediscovered the joys of losing myself in another world which, when you live a dementia affected life, is, I've realised, no bad thing.

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Carol Westover said…
I do agree -- reading relaxes and reduces stress! So does hand sewing the binding on quilts!
Carol S said…
I guess life does have to get much simpler when you live with dementia so it’s great that the simple things in life can give so much pleasure and are great sources of relaxation. I find SLOW can be so beneficial and must admit that a year of COVID has shown me that I can quite happily live a less busy life. I envy you your view from the window Jane but ours are only a short walk away so I’ll happily settle for that. Quilting sounds good. I think crafting of all sorts, especially types that you can pick up and put down easily and so fit in with the uncertainties of life are great ways of just shifting your focus just as reading novels is. I’m a great lover of audiobooks and can just close my eyes and drift away into a different world - doesn’t give you that lovely smell of a proper book though. Enjoy the rest of your day. 🤗
Jane said…
It's interesting how we all find different things relaxing isn't it? I love reading, like audio books as long as the right person is doing the reading and would love to love crafts but am rubbish at any of them. I am however pretty good with a chain saw nowadays and I admit that's something that I find the most fun right now. I think it doesn't really matter what the hobby is, what's really good is that we recognise that we need something to take up space in our heads which would otherwise be filled with thoughts of dementia. what I love about this blog is that it helps me realise I'm not the only one who thinks like this.
Unknown said…
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