Yet another lovely day

Lovely, lovely day out yesterday.  This time I didn't tell Ash that L was coming until 10 minutes before she arrived and that seemed to work perfectly.  No time for stress, drama or worry, no thought of questions, just a relaxed acceptance that it was going to happen and there may be cheese scones involved and so there were.  Also an encounter with fly tippers while on the dog walk and the directing of a delivery van to a house further down the village, both of which were dealt with by Ash and his sidekick, so lots to tell me about when I got home.  

As for me I had a wonderful time with coffee in the sunshine followed by a stroll round some of the larger stores.  There was just a little retail therapy to be seen in the form of books but mostly the day was spent planning the refurbishment of the patio so I have a sanctuary in the garden this summer when it's too warm to be up in my beautiful bedroom.  

Watch out on the facebook page for before and after photos and then let me know what you think.

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Anonymous said…
It all sounds so positive may it continue
Jane said…
May it continue, indeed. Days out on my own are very good for my soul I've noticed.