A caring plan

I now have two carers in place, the lovely L doing her Thursday still and A coming on Tuesdays for 4 hrs.  A starts properly next week but came last Tuesday and the visit seemed to go well.  I have lots to tell you on the carer front actually but not today.  Tomorrow and Wednesday are the beginning of a long term plan so think it will be good to wait until we're through them and then I can give you all the details at once.

My plan is a very gentle step by step approach and I have hopes that it will work out.  I'm putting a lid on the hopes of course because I'd hate to be disappointed but I really think that if I go slowly and carefully it could really work and I might have a little more free time while Ash has the company of people who know what they're doing and have far more patience than I ever will.

Actually I will tell you that last Thursday I'd planned to go out for lunch with a friend but we weren't leaving until 45 minutes after L had arrived.  I thought about leaving the house early and finding something to do but that seemed such a waste of time so I decided to go up to my room and read until it was time to leave.  While I was up there I could hear L and Ash in the kitchen below and, although I couldn't hear what was being said, I could hear them talking and talking while they made those all important cheese scones.  This is my husband who rarely talks in the house and who hasn't cooked or baked for at least three years but there he was, chattering away and seemingly having a lovely time.  When I got downstairs again they were busy washing up together and still talking and, when I said goodbye, Ash didn't even notice I was there.  I don't think I've ever been so relieved about anything in my whole life.

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