Confusion is in the house

 The past couple of days Ash has been confused and befuddled, with today being particularly difficult.  I put it down to the weather because, although he can talk at great length on how there's no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing, when outside is dull and dreary it seeps into his very soul as far as I can see and that makes life difficult for both of us.

Ash has specific jobs that he likes to take responsibility for such as cleaning the fire out, getting the coal in, walking the dog, taking the bins up to the road and taking photos of happenings in the village and when the sun's out those jobs are enough.  When it isn't he walks aimlessly around the house trying his best to think of something to do and failing miserably.  Whatever I suggest is wrong and puts him in a worse mood and even the television doesn't hold his interest for long so he turns to food.  

Cheese scones, a small gammon joint, cream cheese, bread and almost everything else I bought to last the week have gone and it's driving me crazy.  I do know that it's only driving me crazy because it's a situation I'm not in control of but at this very moment that knowledge isn't helping as he seems to have taken comfort eating to a whole new level.  

I also know that I didn't help today because, unavoidably, I've spent much of the day in front of my computer so Ash has been left to his own devices and I can only hope that the presence of the lovely L tomorrow will get him back on track.  Then I look forward to sunshine breaking through the clouds sometime very soon which will make my life, and Ash's, so much nicer.

It's at times like this when I discover how unsaint-like I am.

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