Exciting times ahead

 I haven't been on here much this week and wanted you to know it's all because I'm going away next week and there's so much to do.  Far more in fact than I would have thought possible.  The Boy Wonder AKA Jake is coming for the week and, because I really don't want Ash to be at all stressed, anxious or upset, the whole thing is being planned with military precision.  Not only that, all that needs to be done to get ready for my trip has to be done without Ash realising and that takes some effort so there really hasn't been room in my head for much else.

Ash knows Jake and the seven and a half year old are coming for a 'boys weekend' so he also knows I won't be here and that seems to be working fairly well so far.  What he doesn't know is that I won't be coming home on Monday but Jake and I have a story to cover that.  I could of course tell him the truth, and some of you may feel I should, but what would be the point?  He would be very, very anxious but wouldn't remember the reason, only the feeling and that seems to me to be putting him through unnecessary stress.  

So lots of planning has gone into this and I thought you might be interested to hear what I've done so far.  Remember all of this has been done quietly and carefully.  Also remember that I have to stop at 4pm every afternoon when I go and sit with Ash to have a cup of tea and watch the tv and that I haven't been able to stay at home while the carers are here on a Tuesday and a Thursday because that would look odd.  I think I'm pulling it off so far.

I've compiled information to go into a folder for Jake to refer to if something unexpected happens.  Headings so far: Routine, Medication, Food, Likes and Dislikes, Support Contacts, Random but Useful things.  If you think I've forgotten anything please let me know.

My suitcase is mostly packed and that's happened each night before I've gone to bed.

The washing is up to date.

One of the greatest causes of anxiety for Ash is that he might run out of food so the cupboards are fuller than they've been in a very long time.  There are extra gammon joints for his sandwich mix, extra bread loaves in the freezer, extra jars of peppers (again for the sandwich mix), in fact extra, extra, extra every single thing he likes.  He and L also baked a double batch of scones yesterday, half of which are in the freezer, so that should keep him going.

The log basket is full.

Sticks for the fire are sawn and chopped.

The trundle bed is made up in my bedroom so there's somewhere for both Jake and the seven and a half year old to sleep.

The lawn is mowed.

All that's left to do (I think) is hoovering and floor mopping in the morning and then I think I'm ready.

I realise that Jake could do some or all of these but it seems to me that the better prepared the house, and consequently Ash's life, without me is the calmer everything will be for everyone.

I have a feeling I may sleep the whole time I'm away but it will be worth it and I'll be back in a week's time to tell you how it all went.

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Anonymous said…
It seems like a a lot of work Jane on your part however if it will ease the transition then all is good. Please rest when you get that opportunity to do so safe travels.
Jane said…
It was a lot of work but it's given me a feeling of control and, if it doesn't work out, I'll know I did my best. It might also be possible to figure out which bit didn't work and then I can tweak the plan for another time. Fingers crossed .............
Carol S said…
That’s fantastic Jane. I feel really excited for you. You ought to be a writer of TV dramas you are so good at leaving us on the edge of our seats to find out where you’ve been. ��. I’m sure all your planning will ensure that your 3 boys have a good time while you’re away.

Enjoy. ����. The weathers going to be lovely for you if you are staying in this country and if not I’m sure you’ve picked a warm spot.

Carol xx