On the up again

 It really isn't possible to keep me down for long and, although yesterday was a bit of a struggle, today I'm feeling much more like me again.  

The recovery began with a two hour walk with friends in the wind and the rain.  I'd suggested we postpone the wet and windy walk and met for breakfast instead but they insisted we put our boots on and got out there and I'm very glad they did.  There really is nothing like running along in the bracing fresh air to catch up with those who have much longer legs than you to blow the blues away.  My mood took a downward dip in the afternoon and evening but then recovered after chats with a couple of friends in a similar situation to me.  

This morning saw me out on another damp walk only this time with a different friend.  Got home to discover comment after comment and message after message from all you, everyone of them supportive and uplifting, and there I was riding high once again.  So high in fact that I've taken Ash out for a cup of tea this afternoon, not only that but we had a bit of a conversation too while we were out which was lovely and makes me optimistic that all is not lost.

What I hope you've noticed from all of the above is that I couldn't have done it without the support of those around me whether it's friends, family or followers of this blog.  We all need encouragement from others and without that encouragement over the past two days I'm not quite sure where my head would be.

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