Today was a good day

 I have to be honest here and say that at the moment most days are good ones but today has been my first really stress free day since I got back from my week away.  The carer confusion last week meant that this has been my first day out with no worries whatsoever.  Ash was at home with the lovely L while I met up with a friend for coffee, a walk, picnic lunch, the rest of the walk then a cup of tea and home.  I really can't tell you often enough how brilliant my friends are.  I don't report on every day out, coffee, phone conversation, video call, email or walk because there really are so many but I think I'm on very safe ground when I tell you I couldn't do this without them.  Those amazing people check up on me, tell me when I'm doing well, support me when I'm struggling, remind me that there is a life beyond dementia and they are completely indispensable to my life.

Do you remember that when L first started coming I couldn't tell Ash until about 10 minutes before she was due to arrive?  Any earlier than that and he would go into free fall, anxiety would take centre stage and I walked on egg shells.  Today I told him when he got up at 7.30 and he was fine.  In fact he was more than fine, he was actually happy and obviously looking forward to his day so another reason for my stress free outing and another indication of the change in him which is so lovely to see.

And on the same subject the next step takes place next week when L is to stay overnight while I go to Jake's.  I won't be far away and can get back if it doesn't work out but there is a plan in place with variations available if needed so keep your fingers crossed that this goes as well as that whole week with Jake did.

Can you tell I like a plan?  

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Carol S. said…
Hi Jane. I am so happy that things are going so well for you both. Xx
Jane said…
So am I Carol but there's always the fear lurking that it can't last and that any minute we could be back to where we were. However I'm determined to make the most of right now and just wait to see how it all pans out.
Carol S said…
I think that’s always the best plan Jane. Just live in this moment and then the future will take cate of itself. Worrying about the future sure ruins today.