Having fun

 A very, very busy two weeks hence no blog posts.  The roof on the veranda has been replaced so we can sit out when it's raining and not get wet; the electrics have been fixed so we now have full light in the bathroom and Ash's bedroom and we no longer get an electric shock when we accidentally touch one of the screws on the dining room light socket; I had a wonderful day out with two of my oldest friends to celebrate a 60th birthday where we still all felt like the teenagers we used to be; met up with other friends for coffee and/or lunch and just generally felt as though life was for enjoying.  

This week is busy again because we have the seven and a half year old staying.  Today was the first full day and it's been interesting just because Ash was absolutely brilliant.  The last time we had him for a whole week on his own was almost exactly a year ago and things were just a little bit of a struggle.  Whenever we went anywhere I was on tenterhooks because Ash was out of his comfort zone and anxious so never wanted to stay out very long and it was difficult balancing his needs with those of the little one.  

Today was so different.  We went to the beach, had a late breakfast in the cafe there then headed down onto the sand where we spent three hours digging holes, building sandcastles and laughing.  Ash and the seven and a half year old went backwards and forwards from our encampment to the sea again and again to fetch water, collecting stones and shells along the way until eventually the display on the beach towel was a spectacle to be admired from near and far.

We only came home because I decided it was best to quit while we were ahead but there are other adventures to be had through the week so watch this space.

What's been really interesting is that Ash is much less able in some ways than he was this time last year but he's so much more relaxed and so much happier than he was that the abilities or lack of them don't seem to matter.  

I've planned things so that Ash gets every other day off so it's not all too much and I have high hopes for this visit.  Will report back and let you know how it goes.

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