A weekend of self indulgence does the trick

 At the beginning of last week I told you that I was back on track with blog posts.  Obviously I lied but in my defence I'll just say that I'd forgotten how exhausting it is to have a 7 year old in the house, however well behaved he is, and especially when he's not your 7 year old.  

We had the loveliest week though so the exhaustion was worth it and, to top it all off, when Jake came to collect him he stayed another couple of nights so I could go to a wedding.  

The wedding was only half an hour from home but, on the basis that Jake was here to look after Ash, I treated myself and booked into a hotel for the two nights, went to a wedding where I knew the bride, groom and the bride's two sons but not another soul and had the most fantastic time.

Because of the hotel and the absence of Ash, the morning before the wedding was completely stress free, I'd bought a new dress, hat, handbag and shoes so felt good, found lots of friendly people to talk to, danced the night away and even managed to keep my high heels on the whole time.  What could be better.

The interesting thing is that I can remember the first social event I ever went to without Ash once his dementia had begun to take hold.  I'd been to things without him in the past but this was in the village and we would always have gone together.  Even though I was amongst friends it felt odd to be there on my own and I felt so uncomfortable without him by my side.  Saturday, and a wedding, showed me exactly how far I've come.

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CW said…
Thinking of my own situation and knowing that one day I will be facing the same solitary attendance at functions as you are doing, it makes me a bit sad. I know I need to work on this... thank you for sharing and leading the way.
Jane said…
The first time was difficult, the second time was odd and on and on, gradually getting easier until this wedding when I just had the most amazing time. I have to admit though that I left when the slow songs came on, it's hard to dance to those on your own.