Another plan in action

 We had the week away at the end of May when Jake stayed and then the overnight with L taking my place both of which worked well.  Now we're going one step further with L coming for three days and two nights while I go to stay with friends I haven't seen for months.  I can't begin to tell you how much I'm looking forward to it but there is also a slight trepidation that this might just be a step too far.  However just as much planning has gone into this as went into the whole week when I disappeared to the other end of the country and if all that planning pays off we'll be ok.

The information folder has been updated; I've packed my case without Ash noticing; I've bought extra food because if he's the slightest bit anxious he eats; I have my vet friend on stand-by in case of emergency; Ash and L have been invited out for coffee in the village in the morning with the possibility of more social get togethers afterwards; Jake will be at the end of the phone and so, of course, will I and if necessary I can drop whatever I'm doing and come home.  I think that covers just about everything and by pre-empting as much as possible all I can hope now is that none of it is needed.

So I've planned for the actual trip but I've also thought about when I get home.  Usually Friday morning sees me out walking with friends but I won't be home until 5pm on Thursday so, on the basis that Ash doesn't know what I do on any particular day, I've cancelled that and pencilled in shopping for groceries instead.  This is something we do together every week and Ash loves going, it's a joint expedition and we treat ourselves with croissant and coffee afterwards so my thinking here is that if he's uneasy because I've been away then this should reassure him that life very quickly gets back to normal once I'm home.

I still have that feeling of unease but not of guilt.  I have planned and planned just so that life runs as smoothly here without me as it does with me and Ash should have no reason to be anxious.  I also know that the week without me earlier in the year was the best thing that could have happened for both of us and the lesson I learned then is that I'm not indispensable, there are other people who can care for Ash just as well, if not better, than I can.

Watch this space then and look out on Friday for the report on how it all went.  Oh, and keep your fingers crossed for me once again.

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Carol S. said…
Wishing you a wonderful few days away Jane. I’m sure all your plans will pay off. I just wish I was even a fraction as organised as you are. You are an inspiration. Thankyou.
Jane said…
Thanks Carol. I think I've become more organised just because, in the long run, it makes life easier and gives me less to worry about. You could also say that I'm a bit of a control freak!