Life throws up small challenges on a daily basis

 I struggled this morning just because I didn't sleep well which meant I was tired.  On top of that Ash was particularly confused and I don't deal well with his confusion when I'm tired.  

The thing that made it all bearable was the fact that the new carer was coming at 2, not for long but long enough for me to get to the beach, have a snooze in the sun and then get back in time for tea.  The difficulty was that we had to get through to her arrival with Ash becoming more and more anxious.

Unfortunately she didn't arrive but, fortunately, the sun still shone and the sunbeds were waiting on the patio so I quickly suggested we went out into the garden for some rest and relaxation. The end result was that I still spent the afternoon in the sun doing not much at all, just doing it alongside Ash rather than without him.

Tonight I'm hoping for a good night's sleep and tomorrow the lovely L will be here all day so a trip out with friends beckons.

Life could still be so much worse, it just depends on my perspective.

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