One step back, two steps forward

 Ever since our trip down memory lane on Tuesday Ash has been unsettled, anxious and confused culminating yesterday in our first argument in months.  He's been irritable all week but yesterday snapped at me three times in an hour and I didn't respond well, mainly I think because I was exhausted after the trauma with Max the night before.

I'm really not proud of the way I reacted but it happened and something good came out of it.  We talked about why I was upset, Ash picked up where he'd left off at the beginning of the week and we got back on track so my immediate fear that we'd taken a huge step backwards turned out to be unfounded.

Today he's been completely back to his old loving self and a cup of tea this afternoon at what is now our favourite beach cafe followed by a walk along the seafront went without a hitch.

As my morning had been spent having breakfast with friends and tomorrow sees me joining another two friends at a 1940s event my weekend is going much better than I would have thought possible thirty six hours ago.

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Carol S said…
So glad to hear that the loving Ash seems to be the default position now. I guess we are all going to have times when the wave overwhelms us temporarily but all the hard work and planning you have put in seems to ensure the calm returns. As usual - thankyou for sharing. Enjoy your 1940s event Jane - sounds fun.