Photos, photos everywhere

We have a digital photo frame which stands on the windowsill in the kitchen right in front of the kettle.  Ash has always been in charge of it and used to change the photos on a regular basis but recently, as with many other things, he's forgotten all about it and the odd time he's remembered he hasn't known how to add photos or even how it works.  

A few weeks ago I disconnected it and put it to one side, then last week I saw it and decided to take it to the charity shop but then I had an idea.  Not only do we have digital photos but we also have proper photos, taken long ago and showing us in our early days together so I suggested to Ash that we went through them and chose some that we really liked.  We started on Friday afternoon and once I had a small pile I scanned them into my laptop and copied them onto that all important photo frame.

The same thing happened today and now we've been through all the albums but there are still boxes and boxes to look through and lots more photos to add so that should keep us occupied for years to come.

The thing is that Ash hasn't really shown any interest in old photos up to this point but now he keeps coming to tell me about photos he's seen while he's been waiting for the kettle to boil and he's having great fun with the memories they bring back.

For me this has been a bitter sweet experience as I've looked at the two of us having the best fun and with no idea of what the future was going to bring.  Last night he came through to find me and said 'we did alright didn't we' and that was the most bitter sweet experience to date.

This, I think, is going to be the photo that keeps me sane whenever I doubt what we had together before dementia came calling.

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Carol S. said…
What a lovely photo Jane. You are both so lucky to have had so many happy years together.
Jane said…
Thank you. I love the photo too. when I first found it I cried but then I realised that what we had really was wonderful and now I can look at it and appreciate those times for what they were.