Resolve was needed today

 Spent the early part of today in despair just because, for dementia related reasons, a much anticipated event had to go ahead without me.  This looked as though it would shape my whole day but then I realised that missing out on a 60th birthday picnic lunch was, in reality, a first world problem and there are others out there going through much, much worse.  

I wish I'd been there, I missed joining in the fun but I decided it couldn't possibly be the end of the world.  How though to shake off the feeling of gloom and help dry up the tears?  I started with the treadmill, walking while listening to a Paul McKenna podcast  In this one Paul talks to Jenny Seagrove about how she stays positive when life gets difficult and was just what I needed.  

After the exercise I took Ash for coffee at the beach where the wind blew the cobwebs away and the view of crashing waves felt good for the soul.  Got home feeling a little bit better then got in touch with a friend in the village to see if I could go down this afternoon for a cup of tea.

Just got back from an hour and a half spent swapping design and decorating ideas and feeling soooo much better that I'm already looking for my next project to get started on.

It doesn't quite make up for missing out on celebrations that had been planned for weeks but some things in a dementia affected life are unavoidable and it's how we deal with the disruption to our plans that makes the difference.

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Carol S said…
Thanks for recommending the podcast Jane. Really good.