Today was a good day

 Sorry for the lack of posts over the last few days but I've struggled a bit since my day off was cancelled.  I was fine on Thursday which was the day that was actually affected but that's because I was prepared and determined.  I kept myself occupied and my chin up.  Friday was dreadful, Saturday morning was fun because it involved a walk with friends, Saturday afternoon, Sunday and Monday were dreadful and I couldn't shake off my feeling of gloom.  Then we moved in to today and I was back on track.

Coffee with an old work colleague of Ash's gave us the excellent start we needed.  She brought photos and not only that but photos with names underneath which meant he could put those names to the faces and then brought to mind other memories about where they'd been, what they'd done and you could almost see him grow in stature as he remembered who he used to be.  It really was lovely to see.

We got home from that to find friends and neighbours in the churchyard cutting down the hedge which has grown above our shed and has been preventing us from getting the roof fixed.  Ash had lunch and then was out there with his camera recording everything for posterity so, once again, his self esteem was boosted way beyond anything he's experienced recently and we're ending the day on a happy note.

The thing I have to remember is that for all the 'downs' there are an equal number of  'ups', or at least that's true just at the moment.  It's never dreadful for ever and I just have to work my way through whatever falls across my path and focus on the future.

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