A different way of thinking

 We went out for a cup of tea again this afternoon and I realised that I'm starting to view these trips out in a different way.  We're never out for very long  - we arrive, drink whatever it is we've ordered and come home again because Ash doesn't like doing anything without a specific purpose and it seemed to me that it was a lot of effort for very little reward.

Today I realised it's the whole experience, including the drive, which is important and that changed everything.  We'd gone to the beach again and there are a choice of routes I can take, one of which is much longer than the other two.  I'd taken the long route there so I could buy milk on the way and was in the middle of working out which was the shortest way home when I noticed how much there was to talk about on the long route.

There are particular houses that we like, a shop Ash always points out, bicycles decorated with flowers around the town we drive through and all sorts of other things to add to our afternoon so why would I choose a boring way just because it's quicker?

In a previous life we would have got to the beach as quickly as possible and then relaxed and taken our time once we'd arrived; today we took our time getting there, had a quick cup of tea and then took our time getting home.  

It really is about the journey rather than the destination after all.

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