A new, and fun, solution

Sometimes you really have to look hard for a solution to your difficulty but there is almost always one to be found if you search long enough.

A friend of mine listens to podcasts on a regular basis and frequently recommends discoveries that she thinks will interest me and, because she knows me well, she's always right.  I listen to a particular recommendation and that leads me onto another and another all of which look as though they'll be fascinating so I download them and then I'm stuck.  When am I going to listen to them?

I've got myself back on the treadmill which means I can listen to one every morning that I'm not doing a real live walk with friends but then what?  I'm no use at just sitting and listening so I've taken to putting ear buds in while gardening and that's worked really well but I'm a fair weather gardener and winter's on its ways

I do know that this is what Jake calls a 'first world problem' and that there are far worse things happening out there but once I'd discovered the podcasts that interest me I needed to find a solution.

Some of you will no doubt be shouting at me to take up knitting, crocheting or some other sort of craft but those things really aren't me.  I can't do them and, crucially, I have no wish to learn so it needs to be something else that I can do mindlessly while being entertained and educated through my brain.

I thought and thought and wondered about those fancy colouring books for adults, only I'm not really a flowers and butterflies sort of person and, although they look lovely, I couldn't see me caring enough about the end result to stick at it.  I typed 'adult colouring books' into Google and some very interesting choices appeared in front of my eyes but I really wasn't sure I could manage to colour any of those in either.

Then on Sunday Ash and I met up with Jake and the nearly 8 year old.  We walked in the woods and then went to our very favourite book shop so that the 8 year old could choose some new bedtime reading.  While he was looking in one section I discovered the grown ups colouring book section and there, right in front of my eyes, was exactly what I needed.  A colouring book containing swear words and insults to colour your anger away.  I rarely swear (not serious words anyway) and I'm no longer angry at life but this appealed to my sense of humour and I couldn't wait to get it home.  The felt tips arrived today, I have the podcast lined up and life, once again, seems just that little bit brighter.

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