A new 'thing'

 Last night Ash went up to bed before me which is almost unheard of.  I heard him let the water out of the bath and then went upstairs, gave him a kiss, switched off the light and came back down again.  

Five minutes later he was downstairs telling me something with great enthusiasm and excitement.  The problem was that I had no idea what he was saying.  He strung words into sentences and then put those sentences together but they made no sense.  Each sentence stood by itself but they were completely unrelated to each other and I listened on becoming more and more bewildered.  I murmured something or other and nodded my head once or twice until, finally, he was satisfied that he'd given me the information I needed and then went back upstairs to bed and to sleep.

This shouldn't have come as too much of a surprise because Ash's speech is getting more and more jumbled.  Sentences are mangled on a regular basis, words come out in the wrong order and nothing about conversation is straightforward any more but this is the first time I've been at a complete loss regarding the topic or the meaning and I was taken unawares.

One more step then in this adventure through life.

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Cornwall Girl said…
One of the most challenging things Jane 💔❤
Jane said…
It is and for some reason it took me by surprise.
CW said…
Oh, absolutely! Robert's language is getting worse as well, with the wrong words in sentences, but at least I can make out what he's saying. I have to wonder if the warm water that they use in their evening bathing doesn't affect them in some way. Robert comes out of the shower in the evening and is totally spent. At this point he can't begin to put two words together. He'll sit in his chair and more times than not he will nod off soon after. Hang tough and I'll do the same.
Jane said…
Ash too spends most of his evenings snoozing but I like that because it means I can immerse myself in whatever I want on the computer and I now find all sorts of things to watch and listen to that I would never have discovered in the past.