Sounds familiar?

 Max the dog is on a diet which entails not only new food but also a new way of eating.  Instead of hoovering his food out of the bowl in approximately 20 seconds flat we now have to put it in some rubber toy which he rolls around the floor eating the pieces as they fall out of it.  I measure the food out into a jug, Ash holds the rubber toy, I transfer the food into it and Ash puts it on the floor.  The filling and placing on the floor is done six times until the food has all gone and we can go and sit down again.

At 5pm yesterday, which is Max feeding time, Ash was fast asleep in the chair so, not wanting to wake him, I decided to do the whole thing myself and you have no idea how relaxing it was.  There was a kind of freedom in not hearing myself say 'hold the toy there', 'keep still', 'don't move', 'put it down there on the mat', 'no don't throw it' over and over again until I'm sick of the sound of my own voice.

I'm fairly sure you don't have this exact same scenario in your house every day but I'm also fairly sure that more than one of you is reading this and nodding your head as you recognise something in my tale.

The interesting thing was the amount of pleasure I got from doing this small thing all by myself.  A kind of peace surrounded me and tonight I was quite disappointed that Ash was awake at 5pm.

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CW said…
Oh, yes, for sure. I often get up earlier than Robert and just this morning I went to put food out for the neighbor's cat and truly enjoyed the quiet of the morning. Our sky was clear and the air had a bit of nip in it. Nice! Thanks!