Today's plans go awry

 Had a lovely morning rambling through the woods with a friend followed by a coffee or two and a chat.  Got home with plans for a steady afternoon involving the buying of pork pies, dog food and veg for the week.  Had lunch and waited for Ash to get back from his walk with Max and then we'd be off, only it wasn't to be.

The door opened and in flew Ash announcing that he'd decided to go out again and walk through the wood at the end of the village just because he hasn't been down there for ages.  For the exact reason that he hasn't been down there for ages my stomach flipped and my heart sank.  A while ago I persuaded him that Max couldn't walk any further than the end of the lane and for months I've relaxed in the knowledge that twice a day the two of them walk to the top of the same hill, turn round and come home again.  There's little scope for getting lost and everyone knows that's his route so I don't have to worry.

I tried to tempt him with the promise of pork pie shopping but to no avail, he was determined to go and very excited at the thought of walking somewhere different so the gentle shopping trip had to be abandoned.  Instead I put my walking boots on for the second time today and off we went together, down the road, through the wood to the pond and back again.

There are several pluses to this story.  Firstly Ash was doing something different and with no adverse effects, secondly I was with him so he didn't get lost and I didn't have to worry, thirdly we left Max at home so he didn't wear himself out and, finally, we still managed to get all the shopping done even if it was at breakneck speed rather than the leisurely pace I was expecting.

There was a time when I'd have found it almost impossible to change plans in mid flow but oddly dementia really does seem to have made me more relaxed and that's an outcome I really wasn't expecting.

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